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ictVoIP Billing Management System is a WHMCS addon application that supports multi providers and various PBXs which calculates call times and allows for Tariff and or custom rate for billing. Automation of billing for overage minutes used based on metered plans or based on VoIP product plans. Allowing CDR views for customer reports based on billing cycles. Client Area addons for customers are currently expanding within our development roadmap. Note: This project is under active development.

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Some of the FusionPBX Billing Features

The International FusionPBX Billing system, integrated with WHMCS & ictVoIP Billing System, offers a robust set of features for managing VoIP services. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

  1. Single or Multi PBX Support: - The billing system supports both single and multi-PBX environments, providing flexibility for different infrastructure setups.

  2. Multi-Tenant or Single-Tenant: - Accommodates both multi-tenant and single-tenant configurations, allowing for diverse use cases and customer structures.

  3. Multi-Currency Support: - Supports multiple currencies, enabling businesses to operate and bill clients in different currencies.

  4. Postpaid or Prepaid Invoicing: - Offers flexibility with both postpaid and prepaid invoicing models, allowing businesses to choose the billing approach that suits their needs.

  5. Invoicing of National and International Calls: - Handles invoicing for both national and international calls, providing detailed billing information for various call types.

  6. Tariff Billing Management: - Provides a comprehensive tariff billing management system, allowing administrators to set and manage tariffs from various providers and customizations.

  7. Markup based on Tariffs and Custom Rates: - Supports the application of markups based on predefined tariffs or custom rates, giving businesses the flexibility to adjust pricing according to their strategies.

  8. Automatic CDR Collection: - Offers automatic Call Detail Record (CDR) collection, streamlining the process of gathering call data for accurate billing.

  9. Client Portal Access: - Provides a client portal, giving end-users access to their billing information, call details, and account management features.

  10. Metered or Pay As You Go: - Supports metered billing or pay-as-you-go models, allowing for precise billing based on actual usage.

  11. Payment Reminders: - Sends payment reminders to users, helping ensure timely payments and reducing the likelihood of overdue accounts.

These features collectively contribute to a comprehensive VoIP billing solution that caters to the diverse needs of businesses and service providers. The integration with the ictVoIP Billing System provides a seamless management experience, making it easier for administrators to handle various aspects of billing and customer account management.

ictVoIP Billing is compatible with WHMCS v8+, PHP7.4, PHP8.1, Apache and LiteSpeed.

You may select your server module required for your PBX or Provider API here: https://www.icttech.ca/index.php?rp=/store/ictvoip-billing-software

Check out the Getting Started section for quick setup, including how to install the ictVoIP Billing and modules.

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