Billing Management Details

The main dashboard of the ictVoIP Billing Management Dashboard includes several areas which we will cover here.


Tariff Importing

Relevant information can be found here on how to and mapping: Tariffs

Tariff Exporting

By highlighting the imported Tariff name you may export the Tariff to CSV for updating or inspection.


If reimporting your exported Tariff do not include the “status” column

Package Rates

Relevant information can be found here on how to manage your VoIP packages: Package Rates

Autobill Debug

When you enable CDR Autobill Debug you will be presented with an output of the CDR billing collection from manually running the autobill. You may test run your install by populating the script link into your browser. Be sure to set the next due date of the client’s VoIP product to be the current date.

Adding a new Provider or PBX

When executed debug will display the calculations from the CDR billing once it has complete.


Note that when running CRON via the browser it’s processing can be very slow, be patient.

Further information on Autobill CRON can be found here: Autobill CRON


Here we can filter CDR information for a particular Provider. When selecting the provider from the ictVoIP Billing Dashboard you are presented with the Billing Management Dashboard.


Exclude and Suppress CDR output from columns Direction & Description.

Exclude = exclude these filtered CDR records from billing
Suppress = Suppress the CDR record from displaying in the CDR Client View

Here we can elimante the CDR output of internal calls such as direct Extension or Voicemail calling by adding filtering like this:

Let’s exclude all extension calls within a tenant or domain list.

Exclude/Supress dialed codes starting with *xx and #xx, might be *97, *71, *72 etc.


Exclude from Billing

Exclude CDR output for billing from columns Destination & Description.

Exclude = exclude these filtered CDR records from billing

Here we can display the output of the CDR filered records but Exclude from Billing the output.

Let’s Exclude from billing all Toll Free and Emergency numbers within North America.

Exclude 18884163054, 911, etc.


Here the CDR will display the called number but will not bill the minutes used. This can inversly be used to allow all inbound call free of charge and also allow to display local DIDs called but not bill such as voicemail local extensions, ring groups, etc..

Exclude local DIDs or extensions and inbound calls etc.



These filters are dependant of each Vendors PBX’s output of CDR columns. we try to keep it consistant accross platforms but test before applying into production.